Intention is what we call the output of the decision process.

There are two possible outputs:

The process succeeds and the intended result is achieved.

The process failed and an unexpected result is returned.

How do we know when an unexpected result is returned?

We feel the emotion of surprise.

intend – Wiktionary

Dec 19 2022 Log:

Course of action that a person intends. – That seems recursive… What does intend mean?

System List

Documentation – list of systems

  • Communication systems
  • Cat care system
    • Cat medication system
    • Cat feeding system
      • metal or ceramic reusable bowls or sustainable one time use compostable plates
        • plastic can lead to chin acne
  • Device charging system
    • Frequently used locations get extra chargers
      • label chargers so they don’t get removed
      • include system reference on the label? Or wait to see if labels fail? Prevention vs Cure – Prevention, answer is yes to include
    • Mobile charging options
      • carried
      • stored in transport
    • Charging schedules
      • factors – solar generation, time of use cost
  • Pain prevention (self-care) system
    • Pain is behavior of parts of the body
    • behavior is communication
    • unmet needs are being communicated
    • next step is to understand and meet the need


Observations – grimy sensation on skin or body
Hypothesis – this is a quiet ask for attention or care
Experiment – take a bath or shower
Observe results:


  • Step 1 – notice the body asking
  • Step 2 – check the schedule or with someone who knows it
  • Step 3 – decide which task is more important & urgent #IaU



Small ecosystems.

Our bodies as galaxies or universes.

Our organs as planets in a star system.

The biota as the inhabitants of the planets.

We are as gods to the bacteria and cells in our bodies.

They can tell there is something more, and they do not know what.

They can only respond to the environment around them.

They must do the best they can in each moment.

Each has a task they were born for.

They do their tasks to the best of their ability.

If they are not able to, they let that be known.

If the system is functioning properly, they will either get the support they need or be released from their duty.

If the system is not functioning properly, it will ripple outward until the entire system collapses or the impact is large enough to get the attention it needs.

Systems design: Meds

If something keeps going wrong, getting missed or skipped – pause and take a look at your system. It’s a sign that something isn’t working well. Does the system have too many dependencies? Does it not have a backup or failsafe?

To take my medications properly I’ve found that I need to prep them in advance.

Since 1 month is the maximum supply for my ADHD medication, I have enough pill cases that I can set up once a month and to reduce the number of times I have to refill.

So my new bottle is my cue to refill (and my backups are the recurring calendar item & Habitica task).

I keep everything in a lockbox so I can easily access it, move it around and keep it secure. It has a combo lock so I don’t have to worry about losing a key.

I also take Vitassium by SaltStick for my pots and Midodrine for when I don’t need the Adderall.

At night I take Zoloft/Sertraline and Claritin/Lortadine.

I’ve been transferring daily and that is not working, so I now have 7 individual cases that I can transfer to once weekly on Sunday. Then the night before I can just grab my case for the next day. So I’ll take my night meds and then put the case in my waist bag that I wear all day. That will help me take my meds first thing also since I won’t have to get up to get them. And then I’ll be forced to get up to get my protein shake (or I might have to set up a cooler bedside for overnight).

Jessica’s idea of putting her stuff online so she can always find it inspired me. Writing things up for myself I’d have a hard time doing, but doing it here where it might help someone else too is that one bit more of motivation and means I can keep things together and find them.